Cruising through Alaska

We have just gotten back from the most wonderful week spent cruising in Alaska. We have never been on a cruise before, so this experience was brand new to us. And reflecting on the week that has just been, I would definitely recommend it to anyone contemplating a cruise!

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Washington DC

Earlier this year, we spent a few days in Washington DC. After a week in New York, we took the train down and I was so pleasantly surprised with how much I absolutely loved DC. It was clean, and beautiful and best of all everything we wanted to see was 100% free.

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Day trip to Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain is one of the newest attractions in Peru. As the site was only discovered in recent years, it is still relatively untouched and less touristy than many other places. We decided to do a day trip with Rainbow Mountain Travels, which was one of the earliest to leave which meant you could arrive at the view point before the hoards of tourists.

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