A Blissful Bruce Peninsula Weekend

We had been patiently waiting all summer long to visit the Bruce Peninsula. Mid September was the earliest we could find available accommodation and so we hoped for the best when it came to the weather. But, we couldn’t have gotten any luckier! It was the best summer weather we had seen this year and we happened to be in the perfect place to enjoy it.

Tobermory (15)

Looking out to the Georgian Bay

So on Saturday morning, we left Toronto before the sun, for what would be a 4 hour drive up to the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Our first stop, was the Cypress Lake entry gate to get a parking permit so that we could return to hike the Grotto. We arrived around 10am, and were able to secure a parking permit for the 12-4pm slot. We had 2 hours, so decided to drive around to the Lighthouse at Big Tub Bay and have a look around Tobermory.

Tobermory (9)

The Lighthouse at Big Tub Bay

We went back to the Cypress Lake parking ground at midday to start the hike to the Grotto, it was a fairly easy walk that took about 20-30 minutes. When you reach the water, the view is breathtaking. The water is clear and perfect, the most stunning colors of turquoise.

You can descend through a hole in the rocks down into the Grotto, keep in mind that people come in and out of the small gap so you may have to wait a little while for your turn. There is also an underwater tunnel if you wanted to swim into the cave instead.

We decided to go back to the first open section, Indian Head Cove, where I was brave enough to put my feet into the water, and Matt eventually jumped in. The water was cold, but not unbearably so. While we were sitting on the rocks by the water, we saw a little sea snake swim by which was surprising to see.

Once we’d had our swim, we decided to take the scenic route back to the car park. When heading back on the trail after leaving the Grotto, if you take the first left on the Bruce Trail, it leads you to the section of water behind Indian Cove which was absolutely stunning. It was calm and serene and had nobody there. This was one of my favourite spots, where we could just sit and enjoy the water.

Tobermory (144)

Quiet spot behind Indian Head Cove

Tobermory (114)

Cliff jumpers in the distance

On Sunday, we took Bruce Anchor Cruises over to Flowerpot Island. We did the Flowerpot Loop hike which took you through the camping spots, and then up to the lighthouse area. It then looped back down to the flowerpots and returned to the boat drop off area.

Once again, we were thoroughly surprised with the snakes we saw. There were two that were quite big and one small one. We were told that rattlesnakes are the only venomous snake in Ontario (but the snakes we saw, were likely harmless).

On the boat back to Tobermory, we stopped at the shipwrecks in Big Tub Bay, they were very interesting to see so clearly through the water. Any boat tour will take you by the shipwrecks if you’re interested in seeing them.

We decided to finish our weekend off with Fish and Chips at Shipwreck Lee’s Pirate Bistro where we got to try the Georgian Bay Whitefish. I would highly recommend this funky little spot for lunch.

And just like that, it was all over. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the last weekend of summer. I will never forget the incredible views.

Tobermory (68)

Indian Head Cove

Tobermory (109)

Looking out at the Georgian Bay


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