Venturing around Vancouver Island

At the start of 2017, we said goodbye to Vancouver as it was time to see some more of Canada before we made our way to our next new home, Toronto. One thing we couldn’t leave without, was taking a trip to see Vancouver Island.


View from the ferry

So we packed up the car with all of our possessions (as we were officially homeless) and took the ferry over. We ended up spending a week in Victoria, which is the capital city of British Columbia. Its a charming place with lots of interesting things to see and do.


Goldstream Trestle

Our favourite activity was visiting the Goldstream Trestle, which is an awesome hike, even in the winter. If you are smart, you’ll park on the west side of the road so that you don’t need to climb through the tunnel to start the hike.

You could easily spend a day or two checking out all of the historical buildings, like the Craigdarroch Castle, Hatley Castle and the Parliament Buildings in downtown Victoria. Since we went in winter, we didn’t think it was worthwhile to go to the Butchart Gardens, but if we were to go back in any other season, I think it would definitely be worth a look.


Friendly seals at Fisherman’s Wharf Park

You’ll also definitely want to check out the Seals at Fisherman’s Wharf Park which also has many cute houseboats to see. We’ve been told that you can often spot seals at Oak Bay Marina too, but unfortunately we didn’t have any luck there.

If you’re looking for a rainy day activity, we really enjoyed our time at Miniature World. It had some exceptionally well detailed displays and lots of different themes to entertain all sorts of interests.

After our time in Victoria, we travelled up to the Comox, Courtney, Cumberland area to spend a few days at Mt Washington. The terrain at Mt Washington, is probably better suited to capable skiers/snowboarders, however I still had a great couple of days there on the blues and greens.


On our way to Tofino

It was then time to make our way towards Tofino, on the way we stopped at Coombs to see the famous goats on the roof, but we were all out of luck and they weren’t there. Perhaps it was too cold, and they’d been taken somewhere warmer. One day, I will go back to see the goats on the roof.


Sunset by the beach

The rest of the drive to Tofino was beautiful. Most people know Tofino and Ucluelet to be famous for their surfing and beaches. The thing I remember most fondly about Tofino was the food we ate. Some of our favourites:

  • Common Loaf Bake Shop
  • Shelter Restaurant
  • Tacofino – always a huge line up but delicious
  • Wildside Grill – one of the few places to find crumbed fish
  • Tofitian Cafe

View from Crystal Cove

And then, it was time to head back to Nanaimo to catch the ferry back over to the mainland. There are so many more things I wish we could have seen on Vancouver Island.


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