Thankful for Thanksgiving in Quebec City

Quebec City is a charming, old-worldly and beautiful place – bonus points for being the cleanest city we’ve visited in Canada. It is very French as we were expecting, and our phrase book came in handy on quite a few occasions.

We ate at all of the below places, and were not disappointed by any!

  • Le Maison Smith – coffee
  • Poutineville – poutine
  • Pallaird – baked goods and coffee
  • Chic Shack – poutine and burgers
  • Le Casse-Crepe Breton – crepes
  • Chez Victor – burgers
  • Mia Pasta – pasta

For the rest of this post, I’m going to let the pictures tell the story…

Quebec_City_09_10_17 (25)

Fell in love with all of the flower baskets

Quebec_City_09_10_17 (26)

More fall decorations around Old Quebec

Quebec_City_09_10_17 (75)

Our first glimpse of the Chateau Frontenac


Intricate lighting at a shop in Old Quebec


Abundance of baked goods at Paillard


The Chateau Frontenac in daylight

Quebec_City_09_10_17 (208)

Entrance into Old Quebec

Quebec_City_09_10_17 (220)

A storm passing over the Chateau Frontenac

Quebec_City_09_10_17 (228)

The fortified walls of Old Quebec

Quebec_City_09_10_17 (246)

The Chateau Frontenac almost always in sight

Quebec_City_09_10_17 (262)

Too windy to keep my hair in place 🙂

Quebec_City_09_10_17 (273)

Beautiful fall colours

Quebec_City_09_10_17 (301)

Looking down on Old Quebec


Montmorency Falls

Quebec_City_09_10_17 (316)

Fall colours at Montmorency

Quebec_City_09_10_17 (372)

Suspension bridge crossing over Montmorency Falls


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