Iceland Highlights

Iceland is such a trendy destination at the moment, but without hesitation, I can see why. It is a country filled with waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers and sheep. No words, or pictures could do the place justice.. but here are some of my highlights.

Iceland2017 (2).jpg

Sunrise on our first day


Iceland2017 (8).jpg

Iceland2017 (31).jpg

On the road..


Iceland2017 (41).jpg

Iceland2017 (45).jpg


Iceland2017 (63)-ANIMATION.gif

Iceland2017 (49).jpg


Iceland2017 (99).jpg


Iceland2017 (132).jpg


Sunset from Kerid

Reykjadalur Thermal Hot Spring River:




Iceland2017 (498).jpg

Blue Lagoon:

Iceland2017 (538).jpg

Iceland2017 (553).jpg

The landscape around the Blue Lagoon area


Iceland2017 (157).jpg

Iceland2017 (169).jpg

Iceland2017 (483).jpg

Buildings in the rock

Iceland2017 (375).jpg

Water flowing everywhere along the drive



Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck:


Iceland2017 (481).jpg

Reynisfjara Beach:

Iceland2017 (204).jpg

Iceland2017 (216).jpg

Iceland2017 (230).jpg

Iceland2017 (239).jpg

Some friendly sheep we saw driving to Reynisfjara Beach


Iceland2017 (243).jpg

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon:

Iceland2017 (253).jpg

Iceland2017 (313).jpg

Rainbows along the drive

Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon:

Iceland2017 (348).jpg

Iceland2017 (365).jpg

Our flights were booked with WOW airlines and we had no issues with them other than minor delays. The seats were small and leg room was minimal but you get what you pay for.

We stayed at the Icelandic Apartments in Kopavogur which was ideal for us as we hired a car. There was plenty of free parking, the rooms were clean and the bed was incredibly comfortable (especially after a long day exploring).

The car hire in Iceland is very expensive (along with everything else), but in our opinion, it was completely worth it.

If Iceland wasn’t on your list before, I hope that it is now! It is a must-see destination for every type of traveler! 🙂


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