Life and all its questions

It always amazes me, what sort of reactions you get when you tell people that you’re on a working holiday and originally from Australia but came to Canada to live and work and experience something new for a few years. Some people are utterly amazed by what a courageous thing you’ve done by uprooting your entire life and moving away from your home and your family. Some are completely un-phased and you get a bored response back.

It makes you wonder, how people see the world.

Some people grow up so quickly and start their lives and families at home in the one place they’ve always been, the one place they’ll never leave. Others want nothing more than to adventure off around the world.

Thinking about this, makes me realise I don’t know what I want. I find myself wanting to be somewhere in the middle. Right now, I’m on the other side of the world, exploring a continent full of incredible beauty with so much to see and do. A part of me thinks that I could do this forever and be a true gypsy. Another part of me, can’t wait to get “home” and begin normalcy again. But then I wonder, after travelling and living in so many different places, what will life be like?

If I’d never left, I’m sure by now I would have advanced in my career, settled down and maybe gone on a few holidays. Your friends at home wonder when you’ll come home, or come back to reality (my pet hate). They don’t quite understand that I’m living in reality, MY reality. And yes, travelling also makes you appreciate how lucky you are to have a great life both abroad and at home.

And at the end of the day, only you can decide where you want to be in life. You are the one who gets to choose.. so do what makes you happy.


The place I will always call home


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