After living in Toronto for over a year, we finally made the visit to New York City! After spending a week in the big apple, I must say that my feelings towards the city were very mixed – some parts I absolutely loved (the iconic landmarks, the historical architecture, and the general feel of a HUGE city), there were also some parts that I was underwhelmed with.. But here are some highlights of our recent week in New York City.


1. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic landmarks of New York City, and yes it is definitely smaller than you imagine (as I had been told several times before). But when you arrive at Liberty Island, and take it all in, you realise just how incredible she really is even if she is smaller than you think she will be. We took the free Staten Island ferry, but also did the cruise to Liberty and Ellis islands, which I would 100% recommend. She is worth seeing up close.


2. Central Park

The sheer size of this park is the most amazing thing about it, never mind the fact it is placed right in the middle of Manhattan. We spent soooooo long walking around Central Park, looking at all of the bridges, ponds, and gardens and there was still so much of it we didn’t see. It was truly beautiful, even without the leaves that should soon be returning to the trees.


3. Top of the Rock

Going to the Top of the Rock was without a doubt the best viewpoint of the city. You look directly at the Empire State Building, which really makes the view. We decided to go late in the afternoon, so that we could stay for sunset and see the day turn dark. It was an absolutely incredible view in both the day and night.


4. Flat Iron Building

There was so many old, beautiful and historical buildings – all of which I absolutely loved. However the standout from all of them, was without a doubt the Flat Iron Building. It was so much bigger than I imagined and the detail in the building is stunning. While visiting the Flat Iron Building, we stopped in at Eately, which was well worth the visit in its own right too.


5. Brooklyn Bridge

The best viewpoint to see both the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge was from Dumbo. We loved walking around this trendy little area, and enjoying an over priced coffee. We also walked across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan which allowed us to really take in just how grand it is.

All in all, New York wasn’t my favourite city we have ever been, but still definitely had some worthwhile aspects.


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