Wednesday the 4th of April

A day that I will never forget for a few reasons..

Firstly, it was our last day as residents of Canada before we officially started living the gypsy life.

We had prepared and packed and said goodbye to our little home. We had booked a 6am flight to Cartagena so that we would arrive in daylight. We woke up at 2.30am, put the last of our belongings in the car and drove to the airport. Traffic was light, parking was easy and that was when everything turned.

We went to print our boarding passes but the kiosk was now saying we would miss our connecting flight and to select another flight option. We went up to the desk, to be told our flight was not delayed and that we should go ahead with the original flight.

We boarded, and everything looked like it was going to be on time. The plane headed towards the runway, but then pulled over and we sat for the longest time watching other planes take off ahead of us. Eventually we were advised that there was a customs breach and that our plane would have to return to the terminal. We returned, and US border personnel came on board, spoke to one guy for a while and supposedly cleared everything up. It was now time to leave again, an hour and a half after our original departure time.

We arrived in Atlanta, knowing we had missed our connecting flight to Cartagena.. so we proceeded to the service desk who changed our flights and we would now be flying to Bogota at 6pm, and then onto Cartagena at 11pm. This now meant that we would be arriving in Cartagena closer to 1am instead of the original daylight planned 1pm. It also meant an entire day wasted at Atlanta Airport and an extra flight to make it to our final destination.

This, in combination with 2 hours sleep made for an interesting start to our big South America adventure.. As I type this, we are flying over Cartagena to Bogota 😦

But what’s a big adventure without some stories to tell along the way?!

Hoping we make it to Cartagena soon, to enjoy some sun and forget all about this awful day of transit.

Until next time,


UPDATE: we have made it to Cartagena – unfortunately our luggage did not 😦


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