Santa Marta & Bahia Concha

We didn’t know much about Santa Marta before going, but we knew it was a popular stop along the gringo trail of Colombia. It is said to be a vantage point for a LOT of activities which is very true.

The city itself was nice, but when you’ve just come from Cartagena.. its a tiny bit underwhelming. So since this city was a vantage point for other places, we had a decision to make, what day trips would we plan from Santa Marta?!

We decided that we had to see Tayrona National Park in some way (after hearing all about how beautiful it was). So we decided on a day trip to Bahia Concha (literally translates into Shell Bay).


So the next day, we got on a bus to Bahia Concha. The entire time, our tour guide spoke in rapid Spanish, so I could only pick up a few words here and there but luckily we had befriended a man named Hugo who spoke a little English and could tell us the important parts of what we needed to know. We ended spending much of the day with Hugo (who was holidaying in Colombia from Chile) and who spoke a little English and was very patient with my Espanola!

Bahia Concha was a beautiful bay with clear water to swim in and fairly nice sand (still got nothing on an Aussie beach). We decided to go for the works and shared a sun shade and chairs with Hugo and his partner, as well as ordering a traditional Colombian fish lunch and even a Pina Colada out of a pineapple!


We aren’t usually the type of people to just sit at a beach all day, but we both had a really enjoyable time at Bahia Concha..

Where to next? Up to the mountains of Minca – blog post coming soon!


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