A day in the cloud forest – Mindo

We recently did a day trip to Mindo, or what most affectionately refer to as the cloud forest. This is an amazing destination if you love nature and a small town feel.


Our first stop of the day was to spot Hummingbirds & Toucans. Hummingbirds were plentiful and Matt even enticed them into his feeder. The toucans however were much more camouflaged than the bright and beautiful hummingbirds so were much harder to spot. Just as we had given up hope of finding a toucan, one appeared on a branch directly where we were looking.


Matt enticing in the hummingbirds with his sugar water


A very well camouflaged toucan

Next stop was onto Cascada Nambillo, which was such a beautiful place – if only we had packed our swimmers. There was waterfalls, slides, natural pools, ledges and ropes to jump off. It was incredibly beautiful to see, even without being able to get into the water and enjoy it.

I had never been zip lining before, and I have no idea why because it was so much fun!! There were a total of 10 zip lines to cross at Mindo Canopy and the scenery as you fly across each one is just stunning. At only $20 for 10 zip lines, this felt like the best value of our day.


Zipping through the cloud forest

Ecuador is gaining a lot of fame in the chocolate world and for excellent reason.  For years and years, it has been growing the fruit, but exporting it. Nowadays, there are many who are making their own chocolate right here in Ecuador and it is delicious. We learnt a lot about how chocolate is made, rubbed ourselves in cocoa butter and Matt even tried a chocolate beer along with all of the chocolate we tasted!

Last stop of the day was the butterfly sanctuary as the cloud forest creates ideal temperatures for the butterflies. By this point in the day, I was tired and the rain had settled in so it wasn’t my favourite stop but some of the butterflies were very pretty.



Mindo is a beautiful destination, very close to Quito. Definitely would recommend a visit!


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