Lima, Peru – Part 1

Our first stop in Peru, was Lima. What a relief it was to finally arrive after our 28 hour bus ride from Guayaquil, Ecuador. We decided to splurge on first class seats for this insanely long bus ride and it was more than worth it!


Our fancy first class seats! Complete with pillow, blanket and breakfast, lunch and dinner

Our new favourite activity when we arrive in a big city, is to go on a walking tour, and the one we went on in Lima did not disappoint. We learned so much about the history of the city. Despite everything looking grande and historical, much of the architecture is all relatively new due to the earthquakes that have occurred in Lima, and Peru. Whilst they are immune to most natural disasters in Lima, and have temperate weather all year round, they are right in earthquake territory and the city has been rebuilt many times over.


The fountain in the centre of the beautiful Plaza de Armas

We also visited the Iglesia San Francisco which is a church and monastery. The most interesting part, was that in the 1800’s underneath the church was a cemetery, but the catacombs were only discovered in 1943. The bones were organised to gauge how many people were buried there and we are told at least 25,000 people. However, this number is potentially much bigger as the church has not been completely excavated to know how many more there are. The people are believed to be buried here in the hopes that it would bring them closer to God and Heaven.


San Francisco Iglesia

No trip to Lima, is complete without walking the highly touristy streets of Miraflores. We stayed in Miraflores, as this is where the bulk of accommodation can be found. It was a safe and beautiful area where we could easily walk to Kennedy Park (home to lots of cats), walk down to the cliffs that overlook the ocean and of course visit the famous Larcomar which is a shopping centre built into the side of the cliff.


The view from Larcomar

I also really enjoyed sitting by Parque del Amor, or Lovers Park which is a short walk from Larcomar. We really enjoyed our short time in Lima, next up we head south to Paracas to see the Peruvian desert!


Parque del Amor (Lovers Park)



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