Our day on Death Road

For anyone that knows Matt and I.. we are both at very different skill levels on a bicycle. Matt is an avid mountain biker and I know how to ride a bike haha. When we went into Gravity to enquire about riding down death road, I was told that the difficulty level was 2/10, so I decided to be brave and go for it!

On the Sunday, it had rained constantly in La Paz, and I hadn’t thought anything of it.. however on the Monday when it came time for us to do our ride, we were greeted with several people in our group who had attempted to go yesterday but were forced to turn around due to inclement weather. Death road was starting to sound a little scary.


Our day definitely did not go to plan. There was a long line of vehicles waiting at the checkpoint to be allowed through to the beginning of death road. It took several hours for us to get through, and when we finally did, we drove a short way, before we were stopped in traffic again. Everyone jumped out of the car during the traffic interlude to go and play in the snow.


The amount of snow, was just insane – I thought I was back in Canada, definitely not in Bolivia. The new part of the road, where we were supposed to start our ride was so backed up with cars that once we started moving again, we ended up driving down a different way. The scenery was some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

All of a sudden, the snow disappeared and we were in the lush tropical jungle region and were finally at the point where we would begin the bike ride (only about 5 hours behind schedule). Each bicycle had a name, and as I was on a tiny bike, mine was named Barbie.. of course.


The ride itself was not crazy challenging (albeit bumpy), but the scenery is so dramatic, especially when you are riding predominantly on the left which is the cliff side. We rode through waterfalls and rivers and by the end, I was sopping wet. But wet or not, I made it which is the biggest victory I could have asked for!


You end with a celebratory beer, pasta buffet and t-shirt. Yes, I survived death road!


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