Day trip to Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain is one of the newest attractions in Peru. As the site was only discovered in recent years, it is still relatively untouched and less touristy than many other places. We decided to do a day trip with Rainbow Mountain Travels, which was one of the earliest to leave which meant you could arrive at the view point before the hoards of tourists.

Our pick up window was from 3-3:30am and we stood outside in the cold waiting for someone to come and collect us. 3:30am came and went, so we went back inside to call and make sure they were still coming.. Yes, just on South American time. At 3:50, we were finally picked up and my hopes of getting up to the top first were lessened.

It was a two hour drive to the breakfast point, and then another hour from there in the bus, at which point we would start the walk. There was an option to hire horses which a surprising amount of people decided to do, but I was up to the challenge.

Given the altitude, it was tough breathing and the recent snowfall did not make it any easier, however within 2 hours, we had made it to the top of the beautiful vista of the Vinicunca Mountain. Our guide had shared some information and we were interested to learn that the mountain gets its variety of colours from the many minerals found.

As we were ready to start our descent back down to the bus, we could see in the distance so many more tourists starting to arrive. So despite the late pick up, we were still able to enjoy the view with a smaller group of people. After the early start, we were glad to be back in Cusco by 4pm to find an early dinner and go to bed!

Rainbow Mountain was a truly beautiful way to spend the day.


That incredible view!


The snowy walk!




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