Life and all its questions

It always amazes me, what sort of reactions you get when you tell people that you’re on a working holiday and originally from Australia but came to Canada to live and work and experience something new for a few years. Some people are utterly amazed by what a courageous thing you’ve done by uprooting your entire life and moving away from your home and your family. Some are completely un-phased and you get a bored response back.

It makes you wonder, how people see the world.

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Saying goodbye to the leaves..

So it seems that winter is finally kicking into gear here in Toronto, and whilst winter is one of the things I love most about living in Canada, it’s also a bit sad to say goodbye to the leaves once again.

And so it got me reminiscing about some of the amazing times we’ve had this summer in Toronto. From our first trip down to Niagara Falls to a peaceful few days away at the cottage. Countless days downtown soaking up the sun by the puppy fountain at Berczy Park and the ever looming CN Tower which somehow still seems magical to me even now..

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