Magical Minca

I can’t believe we ever considered skipping Minca on our itinerary.. It ended up being one of our favourite places so far! Just 45 minutes from the city of Santa Marta is the little town of Minca, Magdalena which is situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range.

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Santa Marta & Bahia Concha

We didn’t know much about Santa Marta before going, but we knew it was a popular stop along the gringo trail of Colombia. It is said to be a vantage point for a LOT of activities which is very true.

The city itself was nice, but when you’ve just come from Cartagena.. its a tiny bit underwhelming. So since this city was a vantage point for other places, we had a decision to make, what day trips would we plan from Santa Marta?!

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After living in Toronto for over a year, we finally made the visit to New York City! After spending a week in the big apple, I must say that my feelings towards the city were very mixed – some parts I absolutely loved (the iconic landmarks, the historical architecture, and the general feel of a HUGE city), there were also some parts that I was underwhelmed with.. But here are some highlights of our recent week in New York City.

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